Through my work, Life's Comparison - A Study in Nature, I strive to enlighten the viewer and make them think differently about the landscapes within our world.


Your perception of nature will never be the same after you take that extra moment to admire the organic individualities living within our amazing planet.


-- A.J. Schwartz




  • Creative Image Award – Miami Photo Salon Festival – 2014
  • Grove Gallery – Coconut Grove Florida - 2016 through present
  • The Hangar Gallery - 2015
  • The Gallery At Interiors By Steven G – Pompano Florida – 2013 through present
  • Locust Project – 2015 through present
  • Spectrum Art Fair – Art Basel 2015 – Miami Photo Salon
  • Through My Lens – Cortland National Photography Exhibition – 2014
  • TRAHC’S 26 th Annual Juried Exhibition – 2014
  • Real People Show – 2014
  • Concept Fair Art Basel – Contemporary Art Project USA “Cosmic Connections”
  • Miami Photo Salon – Art Basel 2014



I am drawn to capture that moment when sunlight strikes a tree and reveals its anthropomorphic essence from within.  With their curvaceous branches, Herculean limbs, and sturdy trunks, trees emanate sensuality and desire.


Like a model posing for an Alvedon portrait whose stature commands attention.




Trees dance among us, saying "look how wonderfully exquisite we are". I visualize a torso, two arms and two legs moving contiguously within their branches.


Like a true ballerina they embody everlasting endurance.



My photographs are a keyhole into the abstract, a metamorphosis of reality.


We observe an image from afar interpret it within our own realm and obtain much pleasure in the finality of a new impression.

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